Electrify Any Car

Looking to make the switch to electric but waiting for something unique?

Atlanta-based Eddy Motorworks performs premium electric vehicle conversions to any car. We specialize in Tesla-powered conversions.

There’s something special about classic cars. They have character. While modern vehicle technology is advancing at an incredible rate, we’ve lost the art and passion we once instilled into the cars we built. Smokey and The Bandit, The Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, and Back to The Future wouldn’t be very exciting with a 2018 Honda Accord as the star. At Eddy Motorworks, we take classic cars and revive them with modern 100-percent- electric powertrains, and we do it better than anyone else. We call it technology and soul.

Still have your old car in the garage that won’t start anymore? We can bring it back to life, faster, cleaner, and more reliable. Been watching classifieds looking to buy that vehicle you always wanted, but don’t want to deal with servicing a carburetor all the time? Bring it to us first and enjoy years of worry-free cruising.

How it works

  • Find your car Step 1

    It all starts with the donor car. This can be something you’ve had sitting around for years or we can work together to purchase a suitable vehicle. We’re looking for a car that looks good inside and out, but with a powertrain on its last legs. We partner with only the best paint and upholstery shops to ensure the appearance and feel of the car is on par with the high-performance, high-quality powertrain package we install in the vehicles. Learn how to find your perfect car.

  • Plan your build Step 2

    The joy of buying a custom vehicle is just that, the customization. To simplify the process, we have a standard package that includes everything you expect in a premium electric vehicle. This includes a Tesla-based motor and battery system, a customized dashboard & infotainment system, full-vehicle electrical rewiring utilizing our proprietary CAN-Bus controllers, Level-2 charging capability via J1772, and modern AC, heat, power steering, and power brakes. We offer a number of add-on options to further customize your build. Learn more about packages and options.

  • We do the rest Step 3

    Whether you bring us a car you’ve held onto for years or we find a suitable donor vehicle for you, the process starts with the teardown. We meticulously catalog every nut and bolt throughout disassembly so we can keep what we need and recycle what we don’t. Once the car is stripped of its old powerplant and electrical harness, we begin the integration design. We take 3D scans of the engine bay and underbody of your car and bring the design into the computer. Using the latest CAD and simulation software, we design custom enclosures and mounts for the battery system and drive unit.

    To ensure the components are safe and secure, we perform structural simulations on critical areas, optimizing weight at the same time. The design then comes to life in our workshop, implementing our extensive in-house capabilities. We precisely TIG weld battery architectures from aircraft-grade steel and seal the assembly from the elements with hand-laid carbon fiber and fiberglass enclosures. Custom motor mounts are cut with a CNC plasma system and installed into the car with the highest-grade hardware. We utilize a fleet of in-house- designed circuit boards to assemble control modules that handle every vehicle function from battery management to window motors to climate control. Along the way, we work with local shops for any performance and aesthetic upgrades required for the build, from suspension bushings to seat upholstery. Learn more about our build process.

Performance and Features

  • Tesla Model S or Model X Drive Unit refurbished and controlled by 057 Works.
  • Water-cooled 3-phase AC induction, direct drive.
  • Power: 210 kW to 475 kW (281 HP to 636 HP).
  • Torque: 330 Nm to 650 Nm (243 ft*lb to 480 ft*lb).
  • Acceleration 0-60 mph: 6.0 sec to < 3.0 sec.
  • Top speed: 130 mph to 165 mph.
  • Tesla Model S/X or Chevy Volt battery modules, repackaged by Eddy.
  • Water-cooled lithium-ion, fully sealed from dust/moisture.
  • Custom battery management system by Prism Motors.
  • Capacity: 37 kWh to 100 kWh (very much dependent on donor vehicle space constraints).
  • Range: 150 miles to > 300 miles.
  • Charging: 6.7 kW Level 2 or up to 50 kW DC fast charging via CHAdeMO.
  • Instrument cluster: Analog-style gauges (digitally controlled) or LCD screens.
  • Center console: Retro-style switchgear or touchscreen system.
  • Instant heat and powerful air conditioning system.
  • Existing switches and buttons integrated onto digital system via Eddy custom hardware.
  • Lights and signals controlled digitally.
  • Suspension components updated or replaced as necessary.
  • Power steering retained with efficient electric-hydraulic system.
  • Power brakes retained with electric vacuum pump or electric rack.
  • Regenerative braking.

Every Eddy Motorworks conversion is built custom each time. Performance varies depending on many factors, including donor vehicle selection, powertrain options, and performance upgrades. To learn about specific vehicle builds, check out our Portfolio.


While our work is extremely hands-on and custom, we offer a price for our standard package for any vehicle. Additional options and upgrades are added on top of the standard package price. Any options or customizations not listed are priced on a custom basis. Configure your conversion.

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Reliability and Warranty

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and strive to deliver the highest quality vehicles possible. Our goal is to provide worry-free reliability of a brand-new car in a beautiful, classic chassis. We use the highest-grade fasteners, top-quality materials, and industry-standard safety features. Our control systems are able to self-diagnose and protect from many issues such as overcharge, undercharge, and unsafe temperatures. That all combines to create a vehicle that is essentially maintenance-free.

We include three separate warranties with all Eddy Motorworks vehicles.


The 1-year, 10,000-mile Complete Powertrain Warranty covers the drive unit and axle assembly, battery and battery management system, charging system, all control systems and supporting powertrain components. If the vehicle becomes undrivable for any reason within the 1st year or 10,000 miles, whether it be a manufacturing or installation defect, we will replace the components and install them free-of-charge.


The 3-year, 20,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty covers any installation-related powertrain defects. This does not include manufacturing defects or failures within the components we install, but it does cover our installation of those items. If a powertrain fault or failure is found to be caused by improper installation or failed components manufactured by EMW, we will repair the system free-of- charge.


The 6-month Full-Vehicle Warranty covers every part of our conversion process. We will replace or repair any component we modified or installed in the vehicle, regardless of the origin of the defect.

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