Standard Package

While the work we perform on every car is different, we do our best to provide a transparent pricing system. Our goal is to make the process as simple as buying a new car. When you purchase a premium conversion from us, you can expect an accurate price up-front that doesn’t gradually increase as the project progresses. We strive to ensure that purchasing an Eddy Motorworks electric vehicle is as pleasant as driving it.

$ 112,000
Motor: Tesla Large Rear Drive Unit, Base – 335 kW
Battery: 62 kWh Tesla-based Lithium-Ion
Charger: 6.7 kW On-Board Level 2
User Interface: Dual 7.0-inch LCD displays
Climate Control: Instant heat and powerful AC, electrically powered
Upgraded power brake system with electric parking brake system
Upgraded power steering system
Upgraded suspension system
Fully-digital CAN-Bus vehicle control system

Our premium electric conversion standard package includes everything except the donor car itself and any restoration work required. Purchasing this package will transform your vehicle of choice into a modern electric vehicle with range, acceleration, and features on par with the best EVs on the road today. Any paint or upholstery work that the car needs will be performed by local experts and we simply pass that price onto the customer at 0% markup.

Available Options

The joy of buying a car built just for you making it your own. We offer the following options to make it easy to customize your car the way you want it. Keep in mind that these options are not exhaustive. Give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss what unique features we can incorporate into your build.


Tesla Small Rear Drive Unit (+$1,000)
Tesla Large Rear Drive Unit, Performance (+$2,500)
Tesla Large Rear Drive Unit, Performance Plus (+$7,000)


36 kWh Chevy Volt-Based (-$2,000)
54 kWh Tesla-Based (-$2,000)
73 kWh Tesla-Based (+$6,000)
84 kWh Tesla-Based (+$10,000)
90 kWh Tesla-Based (+$12,000)
100 kWh Tesla-Based (+$20,000)


13.4 kW On-Board Level 2 (+$4,000)
50 kW DC Fast Charging (+$4,000)

User Interface

Analog-Style Gauges and Switch-Gear (+$2,000)
12.3-inch LCD Instrument Cluster and 10.4-inch Touchscreen Center Console (+$6,000)

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