Eddy Motorworks in Atlanta was founded in February of 2017 by Ben Horst and Josh Preissle.

It all started in 2015, with an idea to design and build a plug-in hybrid track car. What resulted was a tube-framed, two-seat concept vehicle capable of super-high fuel economy, all-electric driving, and impressive performance. From there, Ben and Josh took that passion to build cars like nothing anyone has seen and extended it to all-electric vehicles.

Eddy Motorworks builds specialty and custom electric vehicles. The electric vehicle market is growing quickly, but there are only a few sorts of EVs available, mostly luxury sedans and commuter cars.

The team at Eddy is out to change that, building ground-up specialty electric vehicles, like the world’s first all-electric consumer-available race car, The Electrocet, as well as custom electric conversions on classic cars.

Our Team

Ben Horst

Ben grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. By high school, he’d taught himself to weld, layup fiberglass and carbon fiber parts, and repair engines. He attended Georgia Tech as a Stamps Presidential Scholar, studying Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry.

Midway through school, Ben had the idea for a hybrid-electric race car prototype. He started designing the car, named PH571, from the ground up, and later brought on a team of friends to start the build.

Josh was always the first to get to the shop and the last to leave. The long hours spent completing PH571 was the beginning of the partnership between Ben and Josh that became Eddy Motorworks.

Josh Preissle

Josh is originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan and has been living in Atlanta for the past 5 years.

Growing up he loved everything that moved, and he knew he wanted study mechanical engineering from the age of six.

In high school he was a member of a design magnet program, learning basic CAD, programming, and construction techniques before moving to Atlanta to attend Georgia Tech. While at school he was a member of the Georgia Tech Solar Racing where he developed a passion for electric racing, eventually rising to become President of the club and met Ben along the way.

After Solar, he joined Ben building PH571, running the brake lines, designing components, and writing microcontroller code.

With Eddy Motorworks, Josh does a little of everything - from marketing to vehicle repair to circuit board design.