classic cars + modern technology


Atlanta-based Eddy Motorworks performs custom electric vehicle conversions to almost any car. We specialize in Tesla-powered conversions.

Have an old beauty in the garage that won’t start anymore? We can bring it back to life, faster, cleaner, and more reliable.

Looking to make the switch to electric but waiting for something unique?


This electric 1980 MG MGB lives at the Eddy Motorworks shop.

It started life as a sputtering, oil-dripping, gas-guzzler we found in North Carolina.

We brought it to Atlanta and replaced the engine and fuel tank with a brand new AC induction motor and lithium-ion battery pack, giving the “MGE” over 125 miles of range and far superior performance.


Find your car

It all starts with the donor car. This can be something you’ve had sitting around for years or we can work together to purchase a suitable vehicle. We’re looking for a car that looks good inside and out, but with a powertrain on its last legs.

Plan your build

Are you looking for an efficient, neighborhood cruiser or a stoplight sleeper that can outleg anything short of a supercar? We work with many different battery and motor options that can deliver whatever performance you desire. Drop us a line to learn what’s possible.

We do the rest

Drop the car off at our shop and we’ll perform the teardown of the old components, design and fabricate the necessary hardware to install the electric system, and handle the software and electrical wiring.”