Tesla Power + Exocet Chassis

The Electrocet is the world’s first fully electric track car that you can buy.

We combined America’s most popular exoskeletal kit chassis with the proven powertrain from the Tesla Model S.

Prepare yourself for instant torque that slaps you back into your seat, acceleration that catches the car in front before you catch your breath, and handling that might make you think the CG is six inches underground.

Welcome to the track car of the future.

About Eddy Motorworks


The Exomotive Exocet delivers all the joy of a Mazda Miata in a race chassis 500 pounds lighter.

Less weight means more speed, better cornering, and superior feel. The Electrocet packs the punch of a Tesla Model S in a platform over 2400 pounds lighter.

Left over after ditching more than a ton of cargo is a car designed to be driven. In a world where the words electric and autonomous (and boring) are often grouped together, the Electrocet is the first EV that reminds you how it feels to really drive a car. No overly soft brake pedal feel. No power steering needed. No “driver aids” that you can’t really ever turn completely off. Just you, the car, and the road.

Driving the Electrocet is like nothing you’ve felt before.


Electrocet 1s2

  • < 2100 lbs
  • 261 kW (350 HP) @ 7200 rpm
  • 430 N*m (318 ft*lb) @ 0 - 4300 rpm
  • 52 kWh battery
  • 0-60 mph: < 3.0 seconds
  • 130 mph top speed
  • 250+ mile range
  • Starting at $60,000

Electrocet 2p6

  • < 2200 lbs
  • 285 kW (382 HP) @ 8200 rpm
  • 430 N*m (318 ft*lb) @ 0 - 4800 rpm
  • 60 kWh battery
  • 0-60 mph: < 2.8 seconds
  • 140 mph top speed
  • 300+ mile range
  • Starting at $70,000

Electrocet 3d10

  • Coming soon

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